Student laptop insurance

Super-affordable insurance for your laptop device.

As a student, we understand that you do not earn a salary and therefore cannot afford expensive insurance. This is why we’ve brought you super-affordable student laptop insurance.

Apart from your textbooks, your laptop is one of your most important study aid devices, if not the most important. Now imagine what were to happen should it get damaged, lost or stolen.

This is why we have tailored this laptop insurance product specifically for students. We were once students ourselves and we know that it’s very easy for laptops to be stolen at campus or you get mugged while walking to your off-campus residence.

Because as a student you do not earn a salary, we’ve set our laptop insurance to be way below the current market premium. Normally you’d pay around R250pm for comprehensive laptop insurance, but we’ve set a flat premium of R89 per month across all college and university students regardless of whether or not they stay on-campus or off-campus. Regardless of whether you’re NSFAS, Fundza Lushaka, private barsary or self funded student. Regardless of whether the laptop you are using is yours or borrowed from relatives. You are covered for R5000 at only R89 per month. Yes you heard that right, you pay a premium of R89 per month for a R5000 cover for your laptop.

We have an exclusive agreement with Game stores and Incredible Connections to replace your laptop should it get damaged, stolen or lost. Yes even if your laptop fell off a table and got damaged, we won’t fix it, we will replace it with a brand new one. Whenever you make a claim we will give you a R5000 Game stores or Incredible Connections voucher to go and get yourself a new laptop, no questions asked.

We’ve made our claim proces very simple. Should your laptop gets damaged, lost or stolen then you just submit a claim via our Whatsapp, Facebook page or on our website and we will replace your laptop within 3 days.